3/2/16 – Girl Band – Paul – 2015

Girl Band - B:W - PicGirl Band are from Dublin and are noisy. They have been compared to The Pop Group and The Birthday Party but I hear a teenage Mark E. Smith in there somewhere – make up your own mind This track appears on their debut album, Holding Hands With Jamie, released in September 2015 and is excruciatingly grim in its depiction of a man broken down by absurdity and hopeless situations. It’s cleverly captured by a director that understands the human condition and knows how to transfer real life as spectacle onto film. Directed and produced by Bob Gallagher, Paul was the winner in the Irish Video awards.

“While I was researching I watched a documentary about Big Bird and there’s a line where Caroll Spinney says that a woman was complimenting his performance but that she couldn’t see that inside the costume he was crying. It’s quite tragic. I think everyone has experiences of having to put on an outward expression and feeling trapped, so Paul’s costume is a visual extension of that. He’s inside the suit, at a distance from everybody around him, but wearing this absurd smile that’s totally false to what’s going on inside”.

There’s little information about the band on both their record companies website and their own, no wikipedia page, so we may have to wait and see how they fare before we can know anything about them – or we may just want to listen and watch their uncomfortable videos.