21/3/16 – Massive Attack / Azekel And The Really Really Important Kate Moss – Ritual Spirit EP – 2016

Massive Attack kate Moss Azekel 2016On return from Anekdoten’s Norwegian and Swedish complex, moody hop, I see there’s another Massive Attack video from the Ritual Spirit EP. This time the star collaborator is the pleasant voiced Azkel and the star of the video looks very much like Kate Moss. Unfortunately  Robert “3D” Del Naja’s idea of (fake quotation marks) “We’ll get Kate Moss, it’ll be dark, she’ll be scantily clad and she has this idea about swinging round a lightbulb” might have sounded better on paper than the end result. But it might be one of the better tunes from the EP, so glimpses of Kate Moss’s legendary cheek bones will have to suffice visually.

One more thought: Kate Moss Vs Azekel – it seems the talent can’t compete with the glamour so in acknowledgement of Moss’ involvement taking precedence over the guy that actually sings the song, here’s a picture of Moss from the video and a comment from the website I happened to click on announcing her involvement – Azekel who?

“Surprise! Kate Moss is the star of Massive Attack’s new music video for the band’s new song Ritual Spirit”. 

“British singer Azekel also features on the track”.