24/3/16 – Iggy Pop – American Valhalla – 2016

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Iggy Pop has a new album, Post Pop Depression, a collaboration with Queens Of The Stoneage mainman Josh Homme. I found this video interview with Stephen Colbert and at the end he announces a performance, but can I find it on You Tube? No I can’t. If you can, please post it on the In Deep Music Archive Site.

There doesn’t seem to be a video for any of the songs on the album so I am just posting the third track, American Valhalla. I’ve only heard the album once through at time of writing but I immediately liked it. Sorry I can’t give you something more in depth after that microscopic review of XTC’s Skylarking. Today’s post is about awareness, not details.

See the interview below, you can see Iggy is a lovely guy. I met him once, he was carrying an umbrella in something of a distinguished manner and I can only describe him as, let’s think – yes, warm. I heard this is his last record – what a shame, whatever it is, he still has it.

The band also includes two other Queens Of The Stoneage members Dean Fertita and Troy Van Leeuwen on keys and guitar with Arctic Monkey’s drummer Matt Helders and Matt Sweeney ex Skunk, Chavez and Zwan on bass.

At the end there is a video of  a young Iggy talking about his first solo album, The Idiot. (I bought it when it came out and I still love it). Here he talks about David Bowie saving him from Los Angeles.

Calling Sister Midnight…




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