26/3/16 – Spinnerette – Ghetto Love – 2008

Spinertte - Ghetto - Love EP - Cover 2008After The Distillers, Brody Dalle and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua formed Spinnerette with future solo album producer Alain Johannes and former Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons. The band only made one album, changing direction with reports that Dalle might have difficulty singing in that raspy style into the future with throat damage a consequence. She still howls but instead of ripping your head off right away, you get the feeling she might let you live a little longer.

Ghetto Love was initially released as a digital EP in 2008 but the song also appears on the debut album released in 2009. A slicker direction, more at home with Garbage than her Punk Rock roots and unsurprisingly Shirley Manson would later appear in collaboration on her 2014 solo album, Diploid Love.

Spinnerette are the classic ex Punk mother of three’s future that tones down the speed and the sweat and keeps all the hard work for the children. Dangerously leaving behind an audience that you hope are also having kids and stepping into the future. Although Dalle might struggle to keep her audience and find a new one, for me she just needs to keep on developing her ideas and turning them into that masterwork that I know she’s capable of.

Note: There is an interesting unlikely intersection where one of my favourite artists Mary Timony crosses with Brody Dalle on the surprising Punk Pop influenced Ex Hex album, Rips released in 2014.





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