29/3/16 – Pretenders – Talk Of The Town – 1980

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Prtenders - Talk Of The Town - 7 inch - 1980When I think of strong women with captivating voices, I think of  Chrissie Hynde. There’s been earlier posts about the great early singles from the first album, but I also loved Talk Of The Town from Pretenders ll. I loved the stops in the song and James Honeyman-Scott always had that sparkling guitar sound so when he played that chord and soft rhythm part as the song started up again, it was just magical. Chrissie seemed to caress the melody out of the air as if she was a vessel for a tune that had been floating around the clouds for years, decades and nobody but her had noticed.

In the video both Pete Farndon and James Honeyman-Scott look into the camera and you feel the sorrow well up inside of you as you remember how young they were and the tragedy of losing them, even though it happened all those years ago. Martin Chambers her faithful drummer plays on as Chrissie dips and rises, holding the guitar like it’s being anointed, her sensuous voice like a siren hypnotising the instrument, obeying her every word, seduced by the warmth of her body and surrendering to her.

Chrissie Hynde looks deep into your eyes, she catches you staring at her, you try to look away but you can’t. She leans towards you as she sings and then pulls back leaving you drunk on the sway of her body. You close your eyes and listen, the image of her face so strong that you no longer need to look at her to see her vividly. She is imprinted in your mind, the eyeliner, the earrings, the fringe and her attitude. She reaches a note and falls off it teasing you and then comes the thrill of her vibrato, ecstasy for your ears and that subtle shake in her lower jaw that drives you wild, she lets out her words carefully like she’s winning an argument with love itself – there’s simply nobody like her. The terrible thing is that there was no one like James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon either and what they created together is frozen in the painful magic of history.



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