6/4/16 – The Chameleons – In Shreds – 1982

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The Chameleons - In Shreds 7 inchOriginally recorded for Epic Records with Steve Lillywhite CBE at the controls, In Shreds was released in 1982 with little support from the label. The Chameleons and Epic parted ways and The Chameleons signed to Statik records, Statik bought the rights to the Epic recordings.

The video still shows the Statik release of In Shreds 12 inch (1981 isn’t the correct release year, perhaps the songs were recorded or at least written in 1981). The 12 inch includes Nostalgia and Less Than Human. In Mark Burgess’ notes about the track in the link below he states the original Epic single was released in March 1982 with Less Than Human as a B-side, another song The Fan And The Bellows was recorded.

Although Less Than Human appeared again on the debut Chameleons album Script Of The Bridge, for some reason In Shreds didn’t make it to the first album and only appeared as a bonus track on the CD of their second album What Does Anything Mean Basically? If you want to find a compilation of all the early recordings, an album called The Fan And The Bellows was released in 1986.

This song is classic Chameleons, aggressive and atmospheric, edgy whilst keeping the mood, relentless drums, sabre toothed guitars and powerful vocals. As so many people responded to yesterday’s Tears, I wanted to show another side of the band that you might not have heard – this is it.




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  1. jedmatthew April 5, 2016 at 7:46 pm #

    Another great Chameleons song. Also want to give props to Mark Burgess’s next project: The Sun and the Moon.

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