1/7/16 – Emel Mathlouthi – Oum Ezzin El Jamaliya – 2013

Amel MathlouthiHaving spent 8 hours in the studio today recording three songs with Ed Rogers and Don Piper, I suppose it might have been optimistic to think that I could make Emel Mathlouthi’s concert tonight at Lincoln center. Arriving there a full hour after she had finished the closest I got to  hearing her sing was seeing her standing talking and taking pictures with fans in the Atrium – frustrating to say the least but the studio session was a great success.

Emel Mathlouthi comes from Tunisia and has been an important voice in the Tunisian revolution. You can read all about her in the link below and if like me you are a fan of those Arab scales, fascinating rhythms and crazed violins, then this is for you.