7/6/16 – The Acid – Liminal – 2014 / Basic Instinct – Video – 2014

The Acid Liminal 2014 Cover ArtYou would be forgiven for thinking that The Acid’s 2014 release, Liminal was in fact Radiohead progressing. Following that falsetto and odd electronic path after various previous solo projects, The Acid as a band have started here with their first album and with not a traditional electric guitar in sight.

The band is a collaboration between three continents: British DJ/producer Adam Freeland, American producer/composer Steve Nalepa and Australian singer-songwriter Ry Cuming better known as Ry X. Three creative modern music makers using electronics to make beautiful music.

For me when Electronic music finds it’s way into dance music I lose interest but when it twists and turns through sonic valleys and melodic slopes, when it attempts to capture the rain or the scent of a rose, the mysterious shadow of a waif like creature or just pulls slightly on the hem of a red velvet curtain only imagining the presence of other forces, then I’m ready to explore all options and join them on their quest into the wires and buttons of creative electricity.

My issue with Radiohead isn’t that I don’t like them but that they keep on sounding like themselves after that initial giant leap and evolution. The Acid sound to me like they are at the beginning of their journey even though aspects of Thom Yorke’s tones are certainly present. On doing some research I find that it’s actually Jeff Buckley that is Ry X’s major influence and that explains the falsetto singing but really Thom Yorke cannot own all Electronic groups that have falsetto singers, if that were the case there would be very few bands across the genres, once an idea had been taken.

For me The Acid are just what I want from an Electronic group, mood but not just soundscapes, melody and  interesting rhythms with  a resistance to end up on the dance floor and an awareness of not over processing sounds and finding the personality in the electronics rather than the numbers – giving the robots soul. This ability to write real songs using new sounds like say Portishead or other Trip Hop bands, FKA Twigs, James Blake and others has me constantly reminding the over thirties, forties and fifties that the myth that there in no more great music out there is simply not true.