29/7/16 – Fruupp – Future Legends – 1973

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Frupp Future LegendsSome important things you need to know about Irish music and why travel is essential. Correct pronunciation is extremely important and unless you personally know how to pronounce your favourite musicians name it could be an embarassing faux pas. For example, I know how to pronounce Ric Ocasek, Glenn Frey, Björk and even David Bowie correctly but I found out last night on stage in Dublin that I didn’t know how to pronounce the name of one of my favourite guitarists?

Rory Gallagher has a silent G, all those years I never knew. I also confirmed that Phil Lynott is pronounced Linott, somebody recently told me otherwise and after having it right for decades, I got it wrong last night. But at least now I know for sure.

What I also learnt last night is that  Fruupp are not known. They were from Northern Ireland where they most likely had equal anonymity. They were a Progressive Rock band best known in England where they supported both Genesis and Queen on their 1974 tours. I have all four of their albums and have posted their first, Future Legends released in 1973 here for your listening pleasure. Their music includes melodic complexity and visually, great artwork by bassist Peter Farrelly. They broke up in 1976, how you pronounce their name is another issue?



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