4/7/16 – Sigur Rós – Viðrar vel til loftárása/ Svefn-g-englar – 1999

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Sigur Ros Svefn-g-englar 1999

Although Iceland crashed out of the European championships today with a 5-2 loss to their French hosts, their efforts must be applauded. Getting so far against such strong competition with such a small population shows how far spirit and teamwork can take you. I thought of this as an opportunity to post a track by one of the best bands I’ve seen in recent years, Sigur Rós (Victory Rose).

Whilst pottering at the In Deep Music Archive between the Soul/Funk section and perhaps the Italian Progressive Rock it came to my attention that Sigur Rós would be playing at The Eden Project in Cornwall. The Eden Project consist of two large biomes that house thousands of plant species, it looks like a moon base and consequently a perfect setting for concerts such as this.

The line up that day was Willy Mason, followed by Daughter and then Sigur Rós. In the links below you will see a review as well as links to The Eden Project. It’s a place you must visit but to be there to see Sigur Rós was a memorable and uplifting experience, one of the best concerts I have seen in years before and since.

I first heard about Sigur Rós when Svefn-g-englar (Sleepwalkers or Sleep Angels) appeared on a magazine sample CD (Uncut or Mojo). I immediately bought their second album Ágætis byrjun (A Good Beginning). Since then I have followed them closely and I enthusiastically buy their records as they release them.

Ágætis byrjun contained the song Viðrar vel til loftárása (Good Weather For an Airstike) and was the B-side of the single Svefn-g-englar. An acclaimed video was made for the song that topically features football and deals with homophobia. Svefn-g-englar video was also notable for featuring joyous teenagers suffering from Downs Syndrome.

Well done Iceland and thank you for not just giving the world passionate sportsmen but for all the wonderful music and thanks to Sigur Rós for their beautiful and ground breaking videos over the last 15 years.









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