5/7/16 – Amiina – Live on Icelandic TV – 2006

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amiinaAlthough amiina are little known outside Iceland they have succeeded in inspiring the few that have been lucky enough to discover them. Creative, experimental, visionary, a Neo-Classical ensemble of string players and multi-instrumentalists performing unique instrumentals incorporating unlikely instruments.

They have two albums to date:

Kurr (2007)
Puzzle (2010)

They have three Ep’s

AnimaminA (2005)
Re Minore (2009)
The Lighthouse Project (2013)

They have played with recorded and toured with Sigur Ros,Yann Tiersen, Spiritualized, Efterklang and others. Here they are in an early TV performance that also includes an interview in Icelandic.


00:00 Seoul 7:37 Fjarskanistan 17:49 Kolapot 25:14 not sure of the fourth one 26:23 ammaelis



2 Responses to “5/7/16 – Amiina – Live on Icelandic TV – 2006”

  1. Noah July 5, 2016 at 10:01 am #

    I love amiina, and in particular like how they take a playful angle on serious neo-classical music. “Kurr” was the album I put my kids to bed with every night for years–they probably have it forever embedded in their memories.

  2. jedmatthew July 6, 2016 at 8:06 pm #

    Love how comfortable they are with the silences between the notes.

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