6/7/16 – Leaves – Drunken Starlit Sky – Live At Nasa – 2009

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Leaves - PicWith all the attention that both Sigur Rós and Björk receive, it must be terribly frustrating for other Icelandic artists that are trying to be noticed internationally. On one hand it brings attention to the country’s pool of talent on the other they find themselves constantly in the shadows of their country men and women’s greatness. One might draw comparison with U2 in Ireland.

Leaves formed in Reykjavik in 2000, the current line up is as follows:

Arnar Guðjónsson: lead vocals, piano, guitar
Elís Pétursson: bass guitar
Nói Steinn Einarsson: drums
Andri Ásgrímsson: keyboards

They have released four albums:

Breathe (2002)
The Angela Test (2005)
We Are Shadows (2009)
See You in the Afterglow (2013)

Moody, melodic, soaring, dynamic, one wonders after seeing this clip and hearing their music why they are not better known?



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