1/10/16 – Against Me! – Black Me Out – 2014

against-me-picWhatever it is that runs through the veins of a Rock and Roll soul, it seems like when it escapes into the universe through the vocal chords or the vibrating strings of an electric guitar you just know immediately when it’s authentic. Transgender singer Laura Jane Grace’s voice might convince you by itself or maybe it would be the twangy Rickenbacker and the clean punch of the rhythm section. Whatever it is you can hear that they will live and die by it and if you watch the interview below you must surely warm to this likable transgender woman living the Rock and Roll dream.

Black Me Out comes from the band’s sixth album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues released in 2014, clocking in at 28 minutes the album reached No.23 on the US chart. A new album Shape Shift With Me was released in 2016.