14/11/16 – Leon Russell – April 2 1942 – November 13 2016 / Hall Of Fame Induction By Elton John – 2011 / Talking About Songwriting / A Song For You – 1970 – A Song For You – Live – 1971 / Carpenters – Superstar – 1971 / Joe Cocker And The Grease Band – Delta Lady – 1969 / George Benson – This Masquerade

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Life & Death

leon-russell-1970-bw-picAfter a political thread that inspired wonderful, meaningful songs about righting the world’s wrongs, Donald Trump was elected president of the USA – then Leonard Cohen died. I left London and flew to Stockholm to rehearse with Anekdoten and then in turn flew to Holland to play, leaving the following day to drive to Germany – then Leon Russell died.

It’s hard to keep up with the speed of which we are losing our beloved giants of popular music. All we can do is mourn and then pull out their records and play them till the tears well up in our eyes. This small collection of You Tube clips covers a minute amount of Leon Russell’s contribution. It starts with a fascinating discussion about writing songs, Elton John’s loving induction speech at the Hall Of Fame and a selection of his more popular songs sung by him and others.

If you missed Leon Russell then click on the wikipedia link and read about this most brilliant songwriter, pianist, singer and arranger and pay respects to his legend. RIP Leon Russell we miss you.




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