20/11/16 – Föllakzoid – Earth / Föllakzoid iii – 2015

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follakzoid-iii-album-cover-2015Today I will leave my generous hosts, the Dibowskis in the small village of Bruchhausen in North Rhine, Westphalia near Bonn in Germany. I will take a train from Siegburg to Frankfurt and then catch a plane to Madrid where I will transfer on to a flight to Santiago in Chile. When I get there and settle in I will let you know what I am up to but this may be the last post for a couple of days as I embark on this long exciting journey towards the intrigues and exotic flavours of South America.

In the meantime here’s Santiago’s Trancey, Kraut Rock dreamers, Föllakzoid with a track from their 2015 album Föllakzoid iii. The album has four long tracks, Earth is the second track on the album, I posted the opening track, Electric in 2015 when the album was released (see below). The album is highly recommended for fans of Ashra, Neu and German underground music of the seventies..





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