10/12/16 – Trementina – Almost Reach The Sun/ Kisses In Your Eyes Video – 2015

In this series I am investigating Chilean music from the past and present. One of the interesting aspects of this is the awareness of new bands from a country that most know little of. Unheard musical riches easily flounder not just in your country but in every country in the world, struggling against commercialism, fighting for attention, gems are buried because they aren’t awful enough to get on the radio – Chile is particularly rich in great bands you’ve never heard of.

Trementina are from Valdivia 850Km south of Santiago, strongly influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Jesus And Mary Chain and Slowdive. Shoegaze, noise, melody and blistering soundscapes are the background for Vanessa Cea’s soft vocal – guitars slicing through her skin, her honeyed tones enveloping the sparkling roar of the music. Lazy Lovers is gorgeous cacophony and Kisses In Your Eyes a slice of perfect angular mellifluence, Sonic Youth operating lathes in the sunlight.

You may find it hard to find this album – an obscure band from Chile, but it is on Spotify so you can listen, but still, search them out, send them words of support, donations, buy their record directly from them, go to the Bym records link, go to their FB page and tell them you love them, we need inspired creators in a world where money sidelines beauty to a cold and tragic end.

If you are wondering about their name, Trementina is Spanish for turpentine, Vanessa studies at Art school and trementina is the substance used to erase art – a perfect irony as their existence disproves their name. Let’s try and encourage them to continue, to record more records and tour as much as possible outside their own country. Follow them now.