20/12/16 – La Hell Gang – Just What Is Real – 2013

Album Of The Day

Recorded in just one day, La Hell Gang’s debut album was recorded in 2009 but remained unreleased till 2013 as singer/guitarist Francisco Cábala concentrated on other projects. It’s an exercise in analog recording techniques and a retro approach to getting the music on tape before it’s ruined with polish.

If you like Grand Funk or Blue Cheer you will probably like this although the low key vocals might have you wishing for Mark Farner’s dramatic vibrato and overt sincerity rather than buried murmurings.

It’s Stoner Rock for swaying to and fro in a small bar, the antithesis of autotune. Rather this than the processed trend that Tame Impala chose on their last disappointing album. In the end it’s a taste thing and a million hipsters can’t be wrong – can they?

So Much Better 03:45
Leave This Town 02:10
Out Of My Tomb 03:26
Fire Up 01:51
Just What Is Real 09:02
Left Or Right 03:21
I Think You Are Wrong 05:04
When I’m Spending My Time 03:38
Around Here 03:51
It’s All In My Soul 07:10




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