2/12/16 – Los Jaivas – Alturas De Macchu Picchu – 1981

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los-jaivas-alturas-de-machu-picchu-album-cover-1981Today Olivia and I went to visit Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s beautiful house in Santiago. Low key on the outside but wonderful on the inside, packed with artefacts and memories, it was a maze of oddly shaped corridors, stairways and garden pathways. Neruda’s history as one of the world’s great poets is well known, he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971.

Lesser known in the world, but legends in Chile, Los Jaivas formed in 1963 and fifty two years later they are still together. This Progressive album is based on a Neruda poem featured in his 1950 collection, Canto General – Alturas De Macchu Picchu seemed appropriate as I search for bands you don’t know in a world where you know too much about music you don’t like.

This may not be for you, perhaps music in Spanish is difficult for your ears, maybe you are more used to your own language and probably English, but I feel like there is room to investigate music inspired by poetry mixed with the influences of Rock culture in a language that might be unfamiliar.

Of course, being in Chile inspires investigation into local music from the ages and if you care to look into Los Jaivas there is a wealth of material that you might enjoy. They famously blended rock with Chilean Folk creating a hybrid not heard before, different eras of the band reflect their sound. With such a long history it’s hard to show the breadth of their material or the range of their musical evolution. This is just one aspect of a band unknown, famous in their homeland and an introduction to a complex history and an expansive musical journey. The links below tell the story – in Spanish.




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