7/12/16 – The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane Presents: Foxtrot Sierra’s Surfin’ Krautlifornia – 2015

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Sounding something like a soundtrack to a freaked out experimental sixties movie, including sudden abrupt scene changes, this album is essential to anyone that has fantasized about painting their girlfriend in the colours of the rainbow.

Infectious grooves and anachronistic guitar sounds, sound effects, drones and sci-fi warbles, tremolo fuzz and primitive drum machines, glued together by dub and retro bass lines, trembling organs and gongs, percussion and perhaps a sneak listen to Harvey Mandel’s magnificent Cristo Redentor (1968) via Michael Karoli makes for an irresistible trip into the futuristic past.

The title has you wondering if various personalities exist in the same brain and this Psychedelic Garage nugget makes you wonder if being a Chilean in Berlin might be the answer to cracking the creative code.

Album Credits:

Track List:
Local Riders on your Tail 03:59
R3P0M4N 04:01
Dodge Wheels 03:18
Hooked on Krautlifornia 03:33
Gary Busey 03:23
Introduction to the Alpha Bravo Charlie Imaginary 00:59
Gong in 00:08
Krautlifornian Jam 02:50
Turquoise Hair 03:24
Surf Nazis Theme (surfin’ @ Mohawk Beach) 03:02
L.A. Donuts 02:33
Shark Surfin’ 03:00
Pirates in the Air (2057) 05:17
Gong out 00:21

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane presents:

Foxtrot Sierra’s – Surfin’ Krautlifornia (2015)

STEREO 1/4″ Tape Master Mix.

Available on 12″ Full Stereo Vinyl by BYM RECORDS and special Mono Mix Tape Cassette by E.T.C.S RECORDS.

An Exotic blend of Fender driven tracks of Instrumental, Blues, Surf, and New Age Synth sounds.
Released July 4, 2015

Gear: Telecaster, Jazzbass, Fender 63 Reverb, Vox AC4, Dunlop Wah, Snake Charmer Comp., Arion SCH-Z, Electric Mistress, Small Clone, Ultra Tremolo, BBD Chip Echo, Silicon Fuzz Face, Big Muff, Crunch Box, American True Tone, C9 Organ Machine, Roland JV-80, Sampler/Drum Machine, Ethnic Percussion, HF Transceiver, Analog TV Set, ART Tube MP, various Reel Tape Recorders, AT-804, SM-57.


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