30/3/17 – Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man – 2017

The charismatic and mysterious Aldous Harding scares us to death yet again with more moving, beautiful darkness. Imagining My Man comes from the 4AD/Flying Nun album, Party, released on May 19th.

Even in these non-threatening circumstances, driving around in the back of a chauffeur driven car in the daylight, she still manages when mouthing part of the words to her song, to instill an odd discomfort whilst her aesthetic penetrates your soul. You wonder if she has chased you into your darkest place and just sat there in the shadows watching you till you break.

It’s another confounding masterpiece of distinctive vocal, odd production ideas and captivating melody. Her world-weary voice transports you into the past whilst holding you transfixed in the present. She’s a seductive hypnotist, a persuader, a magic doorway into another world. She invokes the spirit of melancholy like no other. She proves the existence of unknown forces and frighteningly she may just know how to control them.