12/4/17 – Zervas And Pepper – Abstract Heart – 2015

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Yesterday I posted songs called World Of Pain and We’re Going Wrong, on a lighter note, winding our way through the valleys and the beautiful scenery, relaxing into the bucolic setting, the singing accents and of beautiful voices – we find ourselves in Wales for an unlikely sound echoing through the fields in melodious waves.

It might seem incongruous to place the sound of Paul Zervas and Kathryn Pepper, Welsh natives based in Cardiff, with the sunny breezy sounds of West Coast, Soft Rock more akin to Bread, America or Crosby Stills And Nash. But remember Man? They too, despite their Welsh roots, found themselves more in touch with the West Coast California scene of the late sixties, sounding something like the not so long lost brothers of San Francisco legends Quicksilver Messenger Sevice. Sadly, Deke Leonard long time Man guitar player, passed away earlier this year.

How Zervas and Pepper came to sound like this must surely be love of the genre. They cite James Taylor as an influence and refer to themselves more as Folk act than Soft Rock but it’s the sound on this lovely song, Abstract Heart, that takes them into the land of pristine production often associated with the latter genre. Crystal clear, tuneful guitar lines, silky rhythms and the sweetest melody that brings joy to your ears and a smile to your face as they somehow manage to avoid overdoing the sweetness.

Only thanks to one of my songwriting and guitar guidance session-eers Jed Bonniwell, was my attention drawn to this charming duo with their easy harmonies nestled in their seventies comfort zone. Already two years behind on Abstract Heart, I see that this is the title track of their third album? I suppose the cream doesn’t always float to the top but if you were ever seduced by the sound of sunshine, I highly recommend that you investigate Zervas And Pepper as they dream the future in the coloured Welsh rain.



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