1/5/17 – The Beatles – Birthday – 1968

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Hooray, Yippee, it’s birthday week! Celebrating my 59th on May 7th, I thought I might try and collect some Birthday songs together and see whether I can find anything interesting about them despite the cheesy subject matter. So, The White Album 1968, McCartney singing in one of his many different voices – his different tones and textures are not mentioned often even though they are varied and wide ranging, approaching different kinds of songs with a totally different style.

To paraphrase Wikipedia, the song was allegedly thrown together in the studio, one of the last Lennon and McCartney songs not written separately and although it was started earlier in the day it was partly inspired by going to see the TV debut of R’n’R movie, The Girl Can’t Help It (1956) at McCartney’s house around the corner, returning to the studio when the film was over.

Check out the sound of the piano through a Leslie speaker. It features Paul on guitar and piano, John on guitar, George on six string bass, Pattie Boyd-Harrison-Clapton and Yoko Ono-Lennon on backing vocals.  Lennon called it “a piece of garbage”.

What’s fascinating is the detail that surrounds the work of The Beatles. If you click on the first link and if you are interested in knowing what the band had for breakfast that day – this is the site for you.





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