23/5/17 – Pumarosa – The Witch – Priestess Video / Dragonfly Video – 2017

Five piece from London, Pumarosa release their debut album, The Witch, fronted by Isabel Munoz-Newsome, sounding like a spacey eighties Pop group, formed by Munoz-Newsome and drummer Nicholas Owen with Henry Brown on bass, Tomoya Suzuki on saxophone and keys and Neville James on guitar.

Their first single Priestess was over seven minutes long and starred Munoz-Newsome with her sister Fernanda. Musically, they are actually a little hard to categorize, one minute they are dancey, next minute they are Indie, then tortured and dark then a little Electro. You listen, you decide but make sure you listen to the whole album to get the range.

Not a lot of information on the net about the band, I can’t find a website or a Wikipedia page but they are on Spotify and Soundcloud for further investigation.