2/5/17 – Underground Sunshine – Birthday – 1969

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There’s been so many forgotten covers of Beatles songs. This one by Wisconsin’s Underground Sunshine was a hit reaching No.26 in the US charts in August 1969. The band included German born brothers, Berthy and Frank Khol on bass and drums, Chris Connors on guitar and Jane Little on keyboards. They were originally called Entrance To Sound and when Egbert Koelbl and brother Frank Koelbl met a local DJ he had his sister join the band changing their name. It wasn’t just the band and the brothers that changed their name, Chris Connors real name is John Dahlberg, it seems that they liked changing their names probably due to the difficulty of pronouncing them in America, although John to Chris might thave worked either way.

They released a second single Don’t Shut Me Out, written by Bread singer David Gates. On their debut album they also covered The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down, Spencer Davis’ Gimme Some Lovin’ and Creedence Clearwater’s Proud Mary and Bad Moon Rising. Neither of their two 1970’s singles, Nine to Five (Ain’t My Bag) and Jesus Is Just Alright charted and they broke up soon after.


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