3/5/17 – The Sugarcubes – Birthday – 1987

Continuing the birthday theme, The Sugarcubes released the English language version of Birthday in August 1987 generating so much interest in the UK that they found themselves shot to Indie stardom, New Musical Express naming Birthday as single of the week. Lead singer Björk was a sensation with unique vocals, looks and demeanour, it was only a matter of time before all the focus on her would lead to the demise of the band and a highly successful solo career.

In 1988 they released the debut English album Life’s Too Good to critical acclaim, interest in the USA followed. The band, looking like characters from a travelling circus, found themselves being taken far more seriously than they intended making two more albums before they split in 1993. Childlike imaginative lyrics with an irresistible accent, the alternative world fell in love with The Sugarcubes and Björk whilst relegating co-vocalist Einar to the background unable to compete with her natural magic. Consequently Björk’s status grew until she became an international star, an unexpected result from her humble origins in Iceland.

Enjoy these most beautiful playful lyrics:

She lives in this house over there
Has her world outside it
Scrabbles in the earth with her fingers and her mouth
She’s five years old

Threads worms on a string
Keeps spiders in her pocket
Collects fly wings in a jar
Scrubs horse flies
And pinches them on a line

She has one friend, he lives next door
They’re listening to the weather
He knows how many freckles she’s got
She scratches his beard

She’s painting huge books
And glues them together
They saw a big raven
It glided down the sky
She touched it

Today is her birthday
They’re smoking cigars
He’s got a chain of flowers
And sews a bird in her knickers

They’re smoking cigars
They lie in the bathtub
A chain of flowers