3/6/17 – London Grammar – Big Picture – 2017

London Grammar release their second album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, on June 9th. The second single from the album is Big Picture, sounding something like Judie Tzuke at Annie Lennox’s house with U2 in the garden. Interestingly they make that sound without being a typical band. Hannah Reid is the singer, Dan Rothman plays guitar and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major plays samples, keys and drums.

Their first album, If You Wait, was released in 2013, a platinum album in Australia and England, reaching No.2 in both countries and No.11 in France, although they still seem to be a well kept secret outside their fans, strange for such a commercial sound. As yet there’s no story, just her voice and the music – for me it’s not the personality that’s interesting, it’s the quality but perhaps it’s the story that will make them a household name and that might simply come from continued success.

In the end it will be one special song that will catapult this band to fame and fortune, I wonder if they can write it? It’s squeaky clean, it’s safe, if you want edge you’re in the wrong place, if you want The Edge, you might hear a little bit of influence in Rothman’s guitar although he blends easily with Major’s muted electronic percussion and moody sophisticated arrangements. Ultimately it’s all about Hannah Reid’s voice, it’s rich, it’s deep, it’s the kind of voice that the public like, a proper singer easily slotting into the mainstream, no threat, natural and distinctive.

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