23/8/17 – Daughter – Burn It Down – 2017

A great new song from Daughter, released digitally on September 1st. One day I’ll understand what it all means but at this point I have a few disconnected possible facts that I can’t put together and their website is not helping. Is it me or is their news page ugly and vague? – The opposite of their music.

So there’s a game called Life Is Strange and there’s a score, there’s something called Music From Before The Storm and a song called Burn It Down. The song might be from an album that also appears in the game or the game might have a score by Daughter that might be released as an album. The songs might be mainly instrumental because it’s a game or there might be instrumental music for the game and an album with vocals. At this point I can’t work it out but I do like the new song. Confused? Me too.

They hit the road in September, see dates on the link below (although there’s none in England). I have both of their albums, If You Leave (2013) and Not to Disappear (2016). I’ve seen them twice live, once supporting Sigur Ros at The Eden Project in Cornwall and once at Debaser Medis, Stockholm’s best live music venue – until it recently closed down. Both times I thought that the singer Elena Tonra might collapse and die of shyness. Other members, Israeli born Igor Haafeli and Frenchman Remi Aguilella have what’s called a dynamic understanding with their singer, musically captivating with interesting and beautiful songs, make sure you see them if they come to your town.