25/11/18 – Exit North – Spider – 2018 / Steve Jansen Interview – 2018

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As an addendum to and drawing your attention to Exit North and their arctic soundscape, it seems that they have just released a video for the song Spider from their wonderful new album Book Of Romance And Dust. Or have they? Although this video might seem in keeping with the band’s aesthetic, on the credits below it notes that the video is actually unofficial.

But at this stage this is the only uninterrupted piece of their music you can hear without buying the record (see the previous post for details and explanations).


20/11/18 – Exit North – Book Of Romance And Dust (Excerpts) – 2018

Whatever the story may be with this video release, anything to get this music to those of us that love the atmosphere that they evoke, especially when it’s so sensitively handled.

Also for this post I have found an interview with Steve Jansen about the band, the record and their inspirations (see link below).


Below are the credits for the video:

From their debut album Book of Romance and Dust
Lyrics by Ondjaki (Ndalu de Almeida)
Vocals by Thomas Feiner
Music by Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner, Ulf Jansson, Charles Storm and Lars Danielsson
Camera by Jan Eerala, unofficial video edited by Johan Troch

Buy on: https://exitnorth.bandcamp.com/album/book-of-romance-and-dust

Spider (Exit North) from Adagio Productions on Vimeo.

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