Music today was a journey back to obscure bands that all the collectors know and the public at large don’t. May Blitz s/t and The 2nd Of May were released on Vertigo in 1970 and 1971. They were not successful and consequently the band broke up. The singer and guitarist James Black and the bass player Reid Hudson were both Canadian and returned to Canada. I haven’t been able to trace what happened to them next. The drummer Tony Newman went on to play with Three Man Army and was recruited to play on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs. He continued to play with Bowie live and also appears on David Live, released in 1974, Newman has quite a resumé. May Blitz are a mixture of early Progressive and Blues Rock. What I like the most about music like this is all the instrumental passages, the jamming. I listen for amazing songs in other music. I only have reissues of most of this type of album, in the case of May Blitz originals sell for around the £500 mark.

Staying in the same approximate universe, I listened to Three Man Army’s three seventies released albums. The instrumental passages are still there but it’s more song orientated. The Gurvitz Brothers Adrian and Paul, formed the band after Gun split up in 1970. You might remember Gun’s 1968 hit, Race With The Devil. Three Man Army’s last seventies album was unreleased till 2005. Prior to Three Man Army, Paul Gurvitz joined Parrish & Gurvitz for one album produced by George Martin and Adrian, after starting work on the first Three Man Army album originally planned as a solo album, joined Buddy Miles’ band before the brothers found themselves playing with Ginger Baker for three albums in Baker Gurvitz Army and then two albums with The Graeme Edge band (Moody Blues drummer). Then, and although it seems like a lot of people don’t actually know who the prolific Adrian Gurvitz is, his huge long list of successes is for you to research yourself should you wish to.