Music tonight has been just one thing and I’ve been dying to listen to it. When The Beatles’ White Album reissue came out I bought it on vinyl. Then I realized that I hadn’t bought the version that I wanted because it didn’t have The Esher Demos, so I had to buy it again. Then I realized that there are three extra discs of outtakes that were only available on CD and it was some ridiculous price – a bag of Aztec gold, a head of the Hydra, the essence of the Madagascan crested newt and a donkey. I just couldn’t do it. Recently I found it on eBay, I bid for it and to my surprise won it for a reasonable price – the blood of a lark, a Mohican, four Citroen grills and an onyx egg. So that’s what I’m listening to right now, the Sessions discs 4,5 and 6. (It also comes with a great big book.) The nerd community loves this stuff and I must say listening to it for the first time I am as happy as an acrobat in aspic.

How many times have I bought this album? I have various vinyl copies from different countries, early CD versions in big bulky cases and thinner versions, I have it as part of the Mono CD box set, the Stereo CD box set, the Mono vinyl box set and the Stereo vinyl box set. Ha ha, mad! I love it. What a great addiction, what a fun hobby, what a brilliant disease, what a fantastic obsession. Thank you to whoever is responsible for making me love music.

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