Music today on this busy day came from one of those CDs that comes free with a magazine. I played it whilst Ahad was here in the archive and picked as a background to our afternoon chat about the process tomorrow, but it was hard not to have one ear open for Phoebe Bridgers (who appears on the cover), Soccer Mommy and a large selection of super hipsters and new to newish singer-songwriters that the over sixties haven’t heard. I really like these Mojo CDs, it’s how I discovered Sigur Ros. The magazine is pretty good too but it’s for a certain demographic. I like to read about Traffic and Be Bop Deluxe but I suppose the under thirties don’t. Today was so busy, swim, conversation with Dare about our next project with Tony in Sydney when Ahad leaves, talking to Andy, swim, meeting Ahad, session with Chris in New Jersey, Chelsea – Spurs League Cup, Star Trek, dinner, French, hoovering, emails, Messenger, now where do I fit the reading in?

Song Of The Daze

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