Music today has to be Bob Dylan because we need to record one of his songs, long story, I’ll tell you all about it at the end rather than the beginning. I started off listening to random tracks on Spotify but I soon wanted to hear a complete album and picked Bringing It All Back Home (March 1965), it’s packed full of classic lyrics and famous songs like Mr Tambourine Man, Subterranean Homesick Blues, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue and well, all the other amazing songs.

But he wasn’t finished yet, he released Highway 61 Revisited in August of the same year. The opening track was Like A Rolling Stone. It seemed like he had an endless supply of brilliant songs. It’s hard to imagine that these two albums, his fifth and his sixth, were released on either side of his 25th birthday.

It seems a disservice to single out songs from an album so packed full of gems. This was the first sixties Dylan album that I loved as an adult. I was too young for it the first time around (I was seven in 1965). But in later years I never tire of it. It was his first mostly electric album featuring Mike Bloomfield on electric guitar, Bobby Gregg on drums, Harvey Brooks on bass and Al Kooper on piano and organ with others. Only the epic 11-minute Desolation Row was purely acoustic, rhythm, lead and bass with Charlie McCoy and Russ Savakus. An absolute classic, essential, buy it now.

Song Of The Daze

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