Music today comes from the very alive Danish mood master and singer-songwriter Agnes Obel. Her debut CD Philharmonics (2010) fell through the letterbox this week and this is the second time I’ve had a chance to listen to it. It’s interesting to hear how she has developed between this, a rather simple mainly piano-based album of songs and voice, to her later more atmospheric and sophisticated effort that is Myopia (2020). Not to say that this isn’t an atmospheric record, it’s just less treated. Philharmonics is a rather nice entry into the world that would see her develop through her albums, Avantine (2013) and Citizen Of Glass (2016). She cites Erik Satie as an example and the album has four instrumental tracks. A surprising cover of John Cale’s Close Watch seems somehow out of context but that might be more about my familiarity with the original. Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel lives in a world of hushed tones and you know she loves her silence as much as she loves her sound.

Song Of The Daze

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