Music today comes from Lily & Maria because Boydy called me today and asked if I knew about it. It’s a Psych Folk album from 1968 which is pretty hard to find now as an original copy – gotta love the archive. The band is Lily Isaacs and Maria Newman singing and playing guitar (Neuman wrote the songs). Otherwise, it’s sesh musicians including Paul Griffin who played organ on some Dylan albums in the sixties. So it’s some kind of Greenwich Village Psych album. Interesting and pretty much unknown on Earth although there are a few copies available on Discogs, including a reissue on Sunbeam Records. Original copies range from about £20-£80 depending on condition. The album is worth it just for the instrumental, Ismenê-Jasmine and the following track, There’ll Be No Clowns Tonight and Melt Me…and more.

Gotta go, moving to Portugal on Wednesday, or is it a dream?

Songs Of The Daze

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