Music today comes from Lamb and their latest album The Secret Of Letting Go (2019). It’s a wonderful mix of organic electronics, real songs, excellent singing and beautiful production. The band is a duo – Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes with both of them programming, she is on guitars and bass, he is on keyboards and percussion and bass, she sings, he produces (he produced five songs on U2’s Songs Of Experience). They write the songs together and Rhodes writes the lyrics. She has a memorable voice, dark and evocative, a cross between Peter Gabriel as a woman, Kate Bush and an evil nun. Occasionally her FKA Twigs side comes out both in voice and in style but that’s the electronic connection. Perhaps some of the more punchy electronic aspects of this record might not be to everyone’s taste but the atmospheric and the singing side is so appealing. To me, it’s what Radiohead are unsuccessfully attempting all the time, too self-conscious, not quite making it as good as it should be. I just read that Thom Yorke once said “Rock Music sucks”, well so does Electronic music if it’s not working. I can never understand why people can’t see that there is bad music in their genre and good music in genres they don’t like – duh! Your brilliant innovative ideas don’t always come off and sometimes hoary old concepts surprise you.

If you want to hear a great contemporary album that incorporates song, electronics, atmosphere, skills and talent, depth, accessibility and a successful realisation of a musical goal, then welcome. Note – there’s three lovely acoustic (piano) versions as extra tracks on the deluxe edition.

Song Of The Daze

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