Music today has been Pink Floyd’s 1970 album Atom Heart Mother. An album I always thoroughly enjoyed. When I was working with All About Eve, Gilmour came into the studio, Ridge Farm in Surrey and I mentioned this album to him and he was easy to dismiss it. That thing about it slowing down here and there, I like that about it, again it’s the flaws that make it great and the perfection of later records, especially the post-Roger albums, leaves me a little cold. Perfection isn’t the goal.

Music Of The Daze

(Band live performance visuals start at 5.55)

Fascinating mish-mash/hotchpotch of Floyd footage in the Atom Heart Mother era with excursions into other eras now and then. Check out the legend that is Edgar Froese for 1 second at 12:51. A must-see for nerdy Floyd fans.

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