Music today has been Flamenco Rock Fusion band Carmen who made three albums, Fandangos in Space (1973 – more here), Dancing On Cold Ice (1974) and The Gypsies (1975), the first two at least produced by Tony Visconti with the latter featuring backing vocals by Mary Hopkin who was Visconti’s wife or future wife at the time. It also features John Glascock on tricky bass and vocals who found himself in Jethro Tull from 1976 replacing Jeffrey Hammond on Too Old To Rock And Roll Too Young To Die (1976). Sadly he did die in 1979 of a heart valve defect after playing on five Tull albums. He also played with The Gods, Head Machine, Maddy Prior, and Richard Digance.

Lead vocalist and guitarist David Allen had a fascinating career after Carmen, check him out on the Carmen band link here. Angela Allen sang, played synth and Mellotron as well as lead vocals. Paul Fenton played drums with Christie and worked with T. Rex. Roberto Amaral seems to have been the Spanish influence also singing lead vocals, vibraphone, and playing castanets! The band also boasted future Split Enz and Schnell Fenster bass player Nigel Griggs from 1971-72. I completely missed the third album but I suppose most of the world missed all of their albums.

Song Of The Daze

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