Music today was The Beatles’ Abbey Road because I felt like something really familiar more because of my speaker situation than anything else, although I never tire of The Beatles. The songs are so great, they sound good on anything. I didn’t bring my portable speakers with me as I have some in Germany that Olivia’s dad can send me when we get a proper address. I might have to buy something in the meantime because just listening to the computer speaker is tough. And on the subject of an address, it seems like we can’t move in till December 20th or 21st but can stay where we are till then, the price works out about the same. I guess Airbnb is cheaper in Portugal during a pandemic and in the winter. Interestingly Here Comes The Sun is the most popular Beatles song on Spotify, a song not written by John or Paul but by George. Here Comes The Sun? Not for a while.

Song Of The Daze

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