Music today comes from the American band Kaleidoscope that included the ubiquitous David Lindley on various stringed instruments and vocals. A Beacon From Mars was their second album released in 1968 and caught good reviews but few sales. It’s a strange mix of Folk (European and American), Psychedelia, Blues, and Middle Eastern music with band members playing all kinds of strange stringed instruments. Taxim is 11 minutes of Turkish/Indian jamming, whereas Greenwood Side aka The Cruel Mother is an English murder ballad. The band also featured Chris Darrow on bass and various stringed instruments, Solomon Feldthouse on lots and lots of odd stringed instruments and vocals, Chester Crill on various stringed instruments, organ, piano and pseudonyms, and John Vidican on drums and percussion. The title track A Beacon From Mars will have you reaching for last night’s wacky baccy. You simply don’t hear records like this anymore proving the past is as relevant as the future.

Music Of The Daze

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