Noctorum – The Afterlife (2019) – VINYL or CD

Music today has been me rehearsing with Olivia so I thought today we would post that crazy song from Noctorum’s The Afterlife, Head On. It’s not the kind of song you write on an acoustic guitar or have a vision of from beginning to end. Some songs come to you in bits and ideas parachute in. Having Olivia sing it as a duet, the crazy progressive end, these ideas came after the initial writing of the song with Dare in the studio. Some songs come all at once with all their arms and legs, they arrive fully formed, others reveal themselves as you go along, whichever it is it’s always an exciting process and I’m very happy to be able to have been involved in so many musical creations both collaborating and on my own. Looking forward to the next one.

Song Of The Daze

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