Music today has been some crazy nuts from the early seventies, a poetic, theatrical collective of musicians and dancers and all things free and creative from the period. Supported by John Peel and initially released on his Dandelion record label. Ladies and Gentlemen – Principle Edwards Magic Theatre. They made two albums, Soundtrack (1969) and The Asmoto Running Band (1971), splintering and reappearing with a different lineup and a truncated name, releasing Round One in 1974. I won’t tell you much about them because it’s so lost in the hazy dreams of an arty past where The Incredible String Band lived and Performance Art was opening for Pink Floyd, you need to ask yourself if you want to buy the ticket. I’m convinced that The Floyd got the idea for Time from the opening track on their first album – and to qualify that statement Floyd drummer, Nick Mason produced the second and third albums, so they were very aware of them. They might have been heard in Henry Cow or perhaps the late Tim Smith’s Cardiacs. The point is that this intriguing music ploughs many different furrows but leaves out commercial aspirations. The spirit of the times is writ large in this music’s heart. It’s sometimes mad but it’s madness well done, try it.

Music Of The Daze

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