Music today was English ex-pats to Germany Janus and their only album from 1972, Gravedigger. This album released on the Harvest label is worth it for the classic cover alone. It’s a Psychedelic Rock album with the sounds of the sixties mixed with the scene of the seventies. It’s as if they were fighting to get out of the sixties (when they formed) and into the seventies where they lived. The other thing is that although they were English, they formed in Krefeld, Germany, and found themselves living the communal dream. Mainly the brainchild of Colin Orr, there’s nothing about them on Wikipedia but quite a big piece on them on Prog Archives. Years later they reformed and have made quite a few albums into the nineties and the 21st century, none of which I’ve heard. But this one is worth its weight in bones.

Music Of The Daze

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