Music today has been the rather unlikely Unifaun. They released their debut in 2008 and are designed to sound like Genesis, so much in fact that singer Nad Sylvan eventually found himself singing for Steve Hackett, possibly his dream job after those other two fellows Collins and Gabriel managed to stay alive and didn’t need him – Hackett though did as he started to revisit the Genesis back catalogue. Unifaun are Swedish and I saw Hackett and Sylvan perform in Stockholm. Since he got the gig, I’m not sure what happened to Sylvan’s partner in Unifaun, Boanamici, aka Christian Thordin? If your plan is to continue the sound of your favourite band and then that band’s guitarist asks you to be your singer, I guess the original idea gets put on hold. If you want to read some opinion about this album from Prog fans, go here. It’s a bit like a counterfeit Rolex but I don’t mind because I’m not using it to tell the time or look good, it’s just a tribute with original songs.

Music Of The Daze

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