Music today was Edgar Winter Group’s They Only Come Out At Night from 1972 and what a diverse record it is. It has, of course, the classic instrumental Frankenstein but it also has some great tracks, Free Ride, Round And Round, Autumn, super catchy melodic songs across an album that is also inspired by the sound of its era, with great musicians. It’s everything Punk Rock isn’t without being boring, meaningless Rock, it’s a classy album from a bygone era. The album was full of talented multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, Winter, Rick Derringer, Dan Hartman and Ronnie Montrose on guitar. Also, Chuck Ruff on drums and Randy Jo Hobbs – bass and Johnny Badanjek – drums on Free Ride and We All Had A Real Good Time. The album went to No.3 on the US Charts, Frankenstein went to No.1 not bad for an instrumental single. Check the album out, it’s a gem – if you like this kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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