Music today has been Julie London’s debut solo album, Julie Is Her Name (1955), featuring million-seller and her most famous song, Cry Me A River. Americans know her as nurse Dixie McCall in the seventies TV series Emergency but to me, she is the torch singer who between 1955 and 1969 released 32 albums and then stopped for her new TV career. I wasn’t sure how that is even possible until I read that after her final album in 1969 “London stopped singing professionally, as she had lost significant vocal control due to years of smoking and drinking”. She had a parallel film career all along but I love her records and am always excited when I find one I don’t have. I posted about her not so long ago but it seems that for anything to stick you have to post it more than once. She was voted Billboard vocalist of the year 1955/’56/and ’57. “It’s only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the microphone. But it is a kind of over smoked voice, and it automatically sounds intimate”. She died aged 74 in the year 2000.

Song & Doco Of The Daze

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