Music today has come from Captain Beyond, formed by ex-singer of Deep Purple Mk1 – singer Rod Evans (replaced by Ian Gillan). The band also featured ex-Johnny Winter drummer Bobby Caldwell and two members of Iron Butterfly, Lee Dorman on bass. This lineup released the debut (1972), some copies had a 3D cover. In 1973 they released Sufficiently Breathless (US No.93) with Caldwell replaced by Marty Rodriguez and with the addition of Reese Wynans on keys and journeyman conga player Guille Garcia. After that it fell apart and Evans retired from the music biz, only to resurface with the bogus Deep Purple in 1980, they sued and he was never heard of again. In 1977 Captain Beyond released Dawn Explosion with a different lead singer (Willy Daffern), just in time to be irrelevant as Punk took hold.

Captain Beyond were a seventies Rock band and no one really remembers them except for the involvement of Rod Evans who sang on the first three Deep Purple albums and the singles Hush, a US No.4 hit, Kentucky Woman No.38, and River Deep Mountain High No. 53 in 1969. Captain Beyond do in fact have their moments – if you like this kind of thing. (More about Captain Beyond)

Music Of The Daze

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