Music today has been Denmark’s Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe, a fascinating blend of Blues, Psychedelia, Rock, Progressive, and Jazz in true Scandinavian style that makes them stand out against bands south and west of Denmark. I started today with their 2nd self-titled album (1970) and it reminded me of Traffic, something there strangely both reminds me and separates me from them, I think it’s the soprano sax and as Traffic fans will remember Chris Wood played flute and sax (but not soprano). Co-produced by John Peel and Colosseum bassist Tony Reeves, the lineup is below:

Ole Fick – electric & 12-string guitars, vocals
Kim Menzer – mouthharp, trombone, tenor saxophone, flute, percussion
Karsten Vogel – soprano & alto saxophones, organ, piano
Jess Stæhr – bass, acoustic guitar
Bo Thrige Andersen – drums, percussion

This is a band that is so off the radar. Although they were formed over 50 years ago and made so much great music there is no English Wikipedia page. This was the first album I heard by them with its prescient title – W.W.W. and with the same lineup it succeeds in this odd mixture of styles. Really great – if you like this kind of thing.

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