Music today started off with Best Of Bee Gees (1969), way before disco and falsetto, what an amazing album, I have it but just found a brand new copy of it and have had it sent to the archive where our friend Aram picks them up and takes them down into the archive to meet their new friends. Today was ‘contrasts day’ so after that, I went mad and listened to Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (1973) by Budgie, Olivia thought it was a woman singing at first. A childhood Rock classic, I knew the album so well. Then I really went mad and played albums by disparate acts or were they? Rhye from Canada, an electronic musician who brings others in, two albums, the newest, Home (2021), and Spirit (2019). Falsetto vocals, some kind of electronic R&B with beats I can’t quite feel but beauteous melodies and tones on either side Supertramp’s Crime Of The Century (1974) and Even In The Quietest Moments (1977). Different worlds but easy to listen to – if you like this kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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