Music today has come from the ridiculously named but quite brilliant Hairy Chapter. Thick guitars and raucous riffs and German, their second album Can’t Get Through (1971) will have Grand Funk and Uriah Heep fans loving it and well, everyone else hating it. So yes, it’s really great, if you like this kind of thing and really terrible if you don’t, you know what I think.

This is an overview from the Decibel Magazine website, you can read the whole review if you click on the link:

Primitive Origins: Hairy Chapter’s “Can’t Get Through”

Hairy Chapter’s Can’t Get Through – The Decibel Breakdown:

Do I need to be stoned to listen to this? – It might help.

Heaviness factor – As far as earth-shaking power chord heaviness goes, on the lighter side of proto-metal. But for batshit bonkers “song structures” and ballsy prog-first decisions, they’re up there.

Obscura Triviuma – The band released an album—Electric Sound for Dancing—in 1970 under the name The Chaparall Electric Sound Inc.

Other albums – Eyes, from 1970.

Related bands – The Concentric Movement.

Alright, fine, if you must – Whatever people were trippin’ on in Germany in 1971, which apparently was something pretty serious.

Music Of The Daze

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