Music today was Led Zep BBC Sessions throughout the day and then tonight I listened to a bootleg from 1973 called Wizardry – Live In Madison Square Garden which had the immortal line from Robert Plant:

At the end of my career, I should be able to give a television programme on how to keep roses.

What I like about these Led Zep live versions is that they are a 3-piece with a singer and it’s not all power chords. Pagey is trying to play some intricate stuff and often not quite nailing it, whilst also playing really great guitar at other times. It’s incredible that they never thought to have another guitarist helping with the rhythm parts…but who would that be? They realised that despite the difficulties, that the idea wasn’t going to work. What we get are long excitable versions of the songs with both sometimes amazing bluesy solos and other times ringing 12-string parts and great chord progressions. I then went onto The Song Remains The Same soundtrack but if you are a fan and you haven’t heard the BBC Sessions, you need to. Really great – if you like that kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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